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Animal Feed

Cholesterol products

Cholesterol cannot be synthesized by the shrimp and has therefore to be added to the shrimp feed.

Cholesterol SF is a white crystalline free flowable powder. Cholesterol SF is used as an additive for shrimp feed as an essential molecule for the synthesis of molting hormones, sex hormones, bile acids, vitamin D and is a building block of shrimp tissues.

Cholesterol XG is a slightly off-white powder, with a slight characteristic odor and is made by extraction and refining processes from woolgrease. Cholesterol XG is insoluble in water. The product consists of cholesterol and contains 10-13% Inducal® (CaCO3). For flowability improvement about 1% Aerosil is added. As an anti-oxidant a minimum of 50 ppm á-tocopherol is added.

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