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Cholesterol NF is a white crystalline powder. Cholesterol NF is widely used as an emulsifying agent in cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations. Cholesterol functions as an excellent moisterizer in skin conditioning cosmetics. Furthermore, Cholesterol is used as the basic material for the synthesis of vitamin D3 and liquid crystals.

Dusoran ® MD is a firm waxy solid with a light yellow color. In absorption bases, nourishing creams (moisturizing and conditioning), emollient creams and lotions, hair creams, cleansing preparations, etc. Dusoran MD has very interesting stabilizing and softening properties and is a choice emulsifier for the preparation of water-in-oil emulsions, especially when mixed with paraffins.

Lanosterol (INCI) is a faint yellow solid. Lanosterol is a non-ionic, auxilliary emulsifier, which can jellify hydrocarbons. It is used in cosmetic preparations, especially in lipsticks and cosmetic creams. Lanosterol is the starting material of choice for the synthesis of various tetracyclic triterpenoid derivatives.

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